We're Not Just Mamas - We're Memory Keepers

I had a conversation with a mother of three about photography.  She received a gorgeous new camera for Christmas from her husband (obviously, he's a keeper!) and was worried about learning how to use it. Not just that though, she finally had the tools she needed to document her child's life, which is awesome, but also kind of a lot of pressure to put on yourself.

Think about it - we are the keeper of all their childhood memories.

I think when we all look back on growing up, there are specific moments that we remember. You remember that moment where something special happened, when you moved houses, or went to a new school for the first time. Or maybe your Grandpa had a backyard full of bird houses and knew each kind by name, or your Grandma made amazing meatball soup and no one else's compares. You look back and you treasure specific moments, but you probably don't have photos of them. If your parents didn't document some of the things that matter to you most, those stories that you tell to your little ones, then becoming a memory keeper is really important to you.

Memories are moments in our lives, and they need to be celebrated and treasured for what they are.

They're how we learn lessons, and they make us who we are. Without these memories, what do we have?

We have a unique opportunity to do something with the memories we’ve been given.

We’ve been given a chance to tell our children that we love them, to choose people again and again, to be thankful, to use laughter.

It is always in the after that we realize how important treasuring memories are. When we’ve experienced a sudden loss and we hold onto the images that we’ve captured of a precious life like we can still hear their laugh and see their smile. We treasure that photograph of our little ones in their first few days as a newborn as they grow up and get older and move forward.

I am SO not trying to make you feel guilty here. If you've got little ones and you're feeling overwhelmed, here are two steps to take. First, set the date and time on your camera correctly. You will thank yourself later! Second, learn more about how to take great photographs.

And as those images get off a camera and get into your photo albums, you get to relive that memory again and again. And your little ones will have an increased self-esteem confidence knowing that they were loved and important to be placed up on the wall, to have even just a moment of them treasured and celebrated and kept.

Isn’t that what we all want? To know for ourselves, to have our children know, to have our deepest friends know that even just a moment with them is enough. That in all of who they are, they’re treasured and celebrated and loved.

I don't know what I'd do without my DSLR. It allows the vision I have in my head to come to life in front of me.

It allows my children the ability to go back in time and re-live their childhood, many years from now.

If you'd love to learn how to document your kid's lives like I do, sign up for our next Photography For Mamas course today!