What Treasures Will You Leave?

What Treasures Will You Leave?

What Treasures Will You Leave?

Sometimes I imagine that when a baby arrives it is like a collision of heaven and earth. Almost as if a dream's been made real; wrapped in human flesh with a living heartbeat inside its cages. I even like to imagine that with every child comes a message. A message that we must hear, something we need to be reminded of.

And as these little ones makes their appearance, it is powerful that we capture them. It's as if we’re saying, “you’re here and we are so glad you are.” We're starting them off right, treasuring them from the very start. Leaning even then into the beginning of their story and all that they have to give, to share.

I think the conversation of legacy is an important one. These little lives we grow to know and to carry and to watch unfold are bursting at the seams with legacy. They’ll create something with their lives so beautiful and lovely that matters. That life is good and worthy and to be celebrated.

Legacy is about you and about me. Legacy is about what we’ll leave for a generation we’ll never meet. Legacy goes beyond fame and fortune and it starts in the heart.

It is a question we ask ourselves of. “what treasures will we leave and give away for free?”

Whether that's found in lives that come after us or in the things and places that make it all possible. It is one worth thinking about, one worth jumping into.

About This Newborn Session

Introducing Lillian Rose. She is sweet, adorable, and loves being held. She showed us so much of her personality during her shoot.

Her and Cotie really wanted to capture Lillian’s newborn stage of life. These memories needed to be documented for her, as she wouldn't have them otherwise.

This is Amy's second session with me here in the Grimsby, Ontario studio. You'll find her beautiful maternity images here.

Lillian is wrapped in a white muslin swaddle blanket is by Little Unicorn.

Client Testimonial

"Karen is such a nurturing warm person who makes you feel so comfortable. She swaddled my little baby Lillian and knew exactly what to do when she was fussy. Such a hands on photographer who takes the time to get to know you and your family. The photography is so beautiful that when Karen showed me a preview I was tearing up." Amy Fitzpatrick