Why Asking For Help Is So Powerful

Recently my family went through a very difficult time. We've been torn apart, and I don't know if we'll ever be able to rebuild what we've lost. At first I kept most of it to myself, but now I realize that being able to talk to my close friends, and asking for help, has made a huge impact on how I'm dealing with it all.

Every day as moms we make decisions based on what we believe is best and what we feel God is leading us to do. Often we don't know if what we said or did was the right thing, only time will tell, and we can spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure it out. 

The reality is that none of us are perfect. We get that, we know that. We aren’t perfect women, we aren’t perfect moms, we aren’t perfect friends.

But yet sometimes, we really wrestle with asking for help because, to us, it almost seems like we are admitting that we aren’t perfect.

You know that moment when you bring your baby home for the first time? It is blissful and sleepless all in one. There is so much that needs to happen that stays like a weight upon you and help from those around you would be the biggest gift if you just got the courage to ask for it.

For me, I've now experienced what it's like to walk into an empty room where my daughter used to live. She's out on her own now, and I'm feeling that worry of whether or not I've prepared her enough for what her future holds.

I wonder what would change if we saw asking for help as less of a statement of weakness and more of an invitation; an invitation to bring people into our lives, to allow them to fill the spaces and to truly see us and the little one who is now in our care? That maybe asking for help is a way of reaching out and the way that we respond to people who truly bring that ask are how we embrace people and how we allow them in.

Asking help isn’t a weak thing, asking for help is powerful. It is powerful because it involves people.

When we are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed and our house is a mess, we can ask for something from other people that we could never give to ourselves. And there is something about that level of connection that is healing and full of hope for our hearts.

Asking for help is an invitation. One we all ought to give and also respond to.