Why I Love Fall Family Photography

Fall Family Photography

There is something about fall that feels like a new beginning, that makes us come alive a little more.

One of the incredible things about what I do is being able to go on location. I have had the most amazing experiences with families, whether we are running through a field, walking down a path or dipping our feet in the cool lake water, it is a beautiful thing to see families come alive in how they interact with one another, how they are in their very element.

And as I have been able to work with the same clients over the years, I get the sweet perspective of seeing their children grow. They get just a little taller, a little more confident, a little more of discovering exactly who they are.

There is nothing else in the world I could imagine doing. The joy of working with incredible people, incredible families, incredible little ones. The joy of capturing each one’s unique beauty and presence.

The joy of getting to see people exactly as they are. Beautiful and on purpose.

And as it cools down even more, with the hot drinks in our hands, our cozy sweaters, the crisp air; I hope you enjoy settling into it and getting comfortable, staying awhile and having your family photographed just like this. xo

About This Mother Daughter Session

This is my amazing sister, Sherri, my beautiful nieces Kaitlin, Hannah and their adorable Morkie dog, Cookie. I suggested doing a session like this for Sherri's 45th birthday, and I'm super glad that we did.

The love and connection we captured in this session was not only fun at the time, but imagine looking back at these images in 10, 20, or 40 years? What an incredible gift it is to have such a strong relationship with your kids, and the images to document it.