Why I Love Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Candid Moments With Your New Baby

True beauty is not found in the moments that are posed and forced. True and exhilarating beauty is found in the unbridled and raw moments. You know the ones; the laughter that comes from deep within, the look on the face of your two-year-old as she asks you a question, the love found in your husband’s eyes.

Have you ever looked at a photograph and felt emotion off an image? It is almost as you are transported into the picture, into the moment and you can feel everything inside of it. Those are the best photographs because they are true captures and true stories. They capture people.

And that is exactly why I do newborn lifestyle photography.

Newborn lifestyle photography combines candid moments with perfect lighting to create a modern and beautiful image of your little one. When we take pictures of this newborn life, we are getting the unique opportunity and treasure to document their fresh life, their very start. It is a moment of celebrating their personality and their uniqueness and that precious look on the parent's face when they look into their newborn’s eyes.

Through newborn lifestyle photography, I am immersing myself into your life to capture and celebrate your love, your connection and your emotion with one another and with your newborn.

Stepping into your life and your connection, I get to capture the stories and narratives that you tell sometimes even without words. I get to crawl into the moments with you, celebrating through images your newborn’s life and your new life with him. Whether it is in how he leans against your chest just so, how he yawns just so or how just surrounded by love they are.

This is art. This is capturing beauty. This is celebrating life. This is taking a moment and turning it into a memory.

About This Newborn Photo Session

Meet Andrea & Daniel, parents of (almost) 2 year old Ayla & now little Dexter. Daniel is a professional hockey player. Him and Andrea met while she was living in Europe and he was playing hockey. He still plays at a semi professional level here in Canada.

Big sister Ayla loves to read books and ADORES dogs like Tilly, who they often take for walks and to play at the park.

Dexter was pretty chill while he was here, but didn't sleep for us much. We didn't mind at all, just look at his cuteness! That's another reason I love lifestyle photography. Awake babies make it even more fun.