Wild and Free

Wild and Free Niagara Newborn Photographer Ontario Canada

Wild and Free.

Sometimes I like to imagine that when babies are born, they are born wild. They are born without fear and without shame, they are here just as they are.

They join us with all this love and passion untouched by what the world is. As they grow and discover, they sometimes bring that sense of wild with them. For some, it looks like the crazy questions, the intense need to explore everything, or eyes that are always so full of wonder. And I wonder what it could look like to encourage the wild in our children and how to encourage the wild in us. To think about what it means to embrace our creativity, our strength, our imagination, our giftedness with abandon and without restraint. I wonder how that would change us, how it would change our kids, how it would change the world.

For so long, wildness has been discouraged as it took on so many different meanings that it was never made for. But true wildness is freedom and being in our natural element, made just as we are, just as God hand-crafted us.

Maybe we could all use a little more wild. Maybe we could all use a little more free. Maybe children can teach us that wildness isn't always too crazy, but sometimes, it is exactly what we need.

About This Newborn Session

Georgia barely slept. She was so eager to experience life with that same sense of wonder that she watched eagerly as I moved and photographed. She is extraordinary. She is wild.

She's also completely in love with her mama as you'll see here, and Jennifer's so excited to have another little girl to add to their family of 4.

I adore these images as much as Jennifer's maternity session for little Georgia. They have a very similar feel, content, calm and loving.

Welcome to the world, Georgia. We're blessed to have you. xo

And her breathtaking album design:

Gorgeous white lace dress borrowed from the studio wardrobe.