Your Guide To Hiring The Right Newborn Photographer

In today’s fast paced world, I have more and more mommies wanting to slow things down, to enjoy their newborns and the lives they’re living.  My professional newborn photography in done a natural, organic style.  I adore this, as it means your images are going to be a true reflection of your child.  It’s my preferred style of photography.  This organic way of looking at your baby’s images will give you a window into their little lives, and will be even more treasured as they transition into adulthood and have babies of their own.  As a Niagara newborn photographer, I’ve compiled a quick list of links to help you guide you through the process of creating natural newborn portraits, how to choose the best photographer for you, how they’re created and some suggestions on what to do with your finished pieces.

1. Choosing A Newborn Photographer

Aren’t you incredibly excited for that moment when you first meet your baby?  When you’ll finally get to hold her in your arms?  For me, it was like all of my insides had been hugged, like all the empty spaces got filled, like I found the answer to the questions my soul had been asking.  The love that we have in our hearts for our children is special and powerful. It is a beautiful treasure when we are able to have that photographed and preserved for forever.
Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime thing.  I’ve had clients call my studio when they’ve had a bad experience with another photographer and by the time they know the images aren’t any good, it’s too late to truly capture that newness.  Even at three weeks your newborn is going to look so different, and they won’t curl up as they did when they first entered the world.  If that was your vision, you can’t go back again.  Please read over and follow this handy list of qualities a professional should have when choosing a newborn baby photographer.

2. Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

My preferred type of photography is a blend of styles, with my main goal to document the life of a brand new little person. It is about capturing the personality of each baby and celebrating their uniqueness. It is about the feelings between two parents as they realize the future years of their life have been forever changed for the better.  Through newborn lifestyle photography, I get to immerse myself in their life even for just a couple hours and enjoy and capture the love that is naturally surrounding them.  In order to capture these feelings, an environment needs to be created that facilitates connection. Lifestyle photographers often need to be able to photograph their subjects as if there is no camera in the room. It takes time for parents to feel completely comfortable, so these sessions can never be rushed. With newborns, I always follow their cues, their position likes and dislikes, and if they should move their arm, stretch out those tiny feet, give me a great big yawn, I photograph it. Those moments are just as, if not more important. Being able to capture the personality of a newborn baby in images is something new parents are sure to treasure completely. You can read more about lifestyle photography here.

3. How To Reduce Stress During and After Your Photo Session

This article is wonderful, but you may want to bookmark it and read it again a few days before your session.  Imagine, you have waited nine months, your new baby is finally in your arms and newborn portraits are happening tomorrow morning. You are excited to have your family documented, celebrated and to leave your children with beautiful images that include you.  At the same time, balancing a brand new baby, and all the things that come along with that responsibility, plus making sure you have everything in order can be stressful.  I have put together some helpful hints that will make it not only stress free, but oh, so enjoyable.  Reading these over and following them will be sure to help you feel completely informed, and to reduce stress before and during your photo session.  From clothing choices to rest, communication to relaxation, this will help you feel like you have a good handle on what a wonderful experience this will be.

4. The Best Way To Order Your Newborn Portraits

Choosing your finished pieces is a very important piece of the puzzle.  I’ll request images of your chosen wall(s) in your home and use them to determine how I’ll compose the session images, and also to decide on the colours I’ll incorporate during our time together.  Approximately one week after your photo session with me, you’ll be invited back into the studio for your ordering appointment, where I’ll unveil everything to you on the studio projection screen.  Using specialized software and the image(s) of their wall, I show you the wall collections I’ve pre-designed. These are images of the portraits from your session that I think work best together and are the correct size for your space. During your Ordering and Design Session, we select your favourite images together, comparing images side by side or in groups. We also decide on the appropriate portrait sizes for the walls we have chosen. We play with the pre-designed wall collection images until you’re completely in love with them. This creates an environment that allows you to have increased input into your finished pieces, quickly and easily, with minimal frustration.

5. A Tangible Photographic Experience

During our time in the studio, you’ll be able to hold our products in your hands, and to envision your images within them.  When I create newborn imagery, isn’t created for viewing on any old computer screen. It’s made to be touched; to be held; to tell a story you can feel, and to be remembered. A linen album tells your story so much better than a folder on a computer ever will, and it’s so much more valuable.  I believe in a tangible photography experience, encouraging you to have your artwork printed, whether it be in an album, image box or as wall portraits.  Life is just too short to let those digital files sit in a drawer, corrupt, or become an obsolete file type.  Your baby and your relationships are worth more that that.  They’re worth preserving.  Your newborn baby is beautiful in every way, the way their lips curve just slightly they’re happy. And you, in how you soothe your little ones just against your heartbeat. In that way you look at your children like you’ve just stumbled upon treasure. In how you lay down your life to see them cared for as if you’re writing a song to them with your life that they are loved beyond measure. You are a glimpse of heaven on earth.  Having tangible products to showcase that love is just the beginning of your story together.