Week One

What do you need to take a great photo? This week's lesson on equipment will help you get set up with gear recommendations.

Download the lesson here.


Week Two

Exposure, aperture and shutter speed. You'll also learn how to add and subtract motion blur and depth-of-field to your images.

Download the lesson here.


Week Three

Settings. We'll talk about the difference between RAW and JPEG image files, camera presets, as well as white balance.

Download the lesson here.


Week Four

Shooting with indoor and outdoor light. We'll touch on helpful tricks you can do with light that will make your photos beautiful.

Download the lesson here.


Week Five

The most important basic rules of photography. Composition is the design aspect that makes your photographs truly eye-catching.

Download the lesson here.


Week Six

Creating an environment that encourages connection between people. This last week is my favourite and most meaningful.

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