Loredana Pijl, Grimsby Family Photos Testimonial

“Karen came recommended to us by our previous family photographer. One of the main reasons we chose ROL Photography is because Karen takes beach photos which we have always wanted.

Karen is both extremely professional and extremely caring. She only had our best interest at heart. She wanted our family photos to be meaningful and cherished for years to come and she achieved this easily.

The big reveal of our photos brought me to tears. They were that STELLAR!! My husband was equally mesmerized because Karen captured the essence of our family so well.

If you are looking for guidance and hand holding and extreme organization with prompt and very courteous replies and exchanges, then Karen is for you! If you're looking to have your teenage son captured naturally and with sincerity and true smiles, then pick ROL! If you want your tween daughter's self esteem bolstered several notches, then pick ROL. She did this and more for our family.

Karen, thank you so much for blessing our family with your talents.” - Loredana Pijl