Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring

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Too many things you're struggling with as a Professional Photographer?

There is so much to consider when you get into this business, and I am completely open to sharing my approach. Depending on what your needs are, we can dive into defining your message, branding consistency, marketing, developing a strong portfolio, setting prices, in-person sales, editing, customer service and how to keep clients coming back.

Our conversation was amazing! I’m very motivated to make some changes. You are truly a giving person! I have taken some workshops before and you are so different in that you weren’t just rattling off a one size all approach. I want you to know that I appreciate that so much! I’m soooo happy I found you! You’re amazing at bringing out the best in people! I’m certain this won’t be the last time we chat!
— Rachael Little

This private mentorship includes one website critique and two one hour conversations, one week apart, to work through the issues that you're struggling with most. There will be homework, so be prepared.

Once you've purchased this item from our store, we'll be in contact within 24 hours to arrange a private, 1 on 1 telephone, Google+ or Skype chat.  We'll discuss all the above content, and answer any and all questions you may have.

I look forward to working with you!