What To Focus On Most In Portraits


Portraits are easy to capture, but difficult to master. I wouldn't say there is one specific way to take portraits, but there are some guidelines to help you stay on track. Here a few helpful hints to make your next portraits breathtaking.

Think about how you'd feel.

You would want to look your absolute best in photographs, so make others feel the same. Only capture your subject from angles that benefit them. To have your camera focused (literally) on your subject is one thing, but focusing all your time and energy on your subject is equally important.

Light, light, light.

A photograph is really just a bunch of tiny bits of light that have come together to form one solid image. Without light, there would be no photograph. Try to adjust your camera settings to have the right amount of light coming in. By setting up your lighting situation first (sunrise and sunset are the best times of day to shoot outdoors!), you pretty much have everything ready to go and just need to add some cool humans!

Watch for connection.

I try to press the shutter button for as many smiles, belly laughs, and beautiful interactions as I can. Posed photographs can be beautiful, symmetrical, and lovely, but I prefer to capture raw, genuine, natural emotion. Instead of posing subjects, we'll play games together or have a fun conversation. I believe connections between people and their environment is one of the most important things you'll ever capture in photographs. Try your best to never look away from your subject because the moment you do, you may be missing something wonderful. You want to be able to give everything the chance to be captured and documented.

Of course photography as a medium is one of the most subjective forms of art, and there are many ways to make it amazing. The most important thing to do, however, is have fun while creating your beautiful works of art! :)

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