For The First Time | Top Ten Favourite Newborn Images

When was the last time you experienced something for the first time? Maybe a different culture, a new food, an experience that you’ve just never had before. And you know how there is that rush of energy and sometimes even fear that we get as we do something new, try something new, experience something new.

One thing that I love about little newborn baby lives is that we get to sit back and watch how they learn new things. Some are roaring bold and others are more cautious. As they get older, some giggle and others look just pensively. Some move slow and others head-first. But so very often. they are not held back my fear. The option of just not doing something is never an option.

They don’t ponder and think they could never walk or never speak or never discover something. Doubt and fear have such a low place because they haven’t been learned. And isn’t that beautiful, isn’t that stunning? They can teach us what it looks like to live brave and vulnerable and free.

Photographing newborn babies for their first time is an amazing experience for everyone in the room. I love the peaceful feelings newborn images bring, the way babies sleep so soundly, pouring out calm and grace. They see the world in a whole new and different way and in just a few months they'll begin to soak it up. They'll begin to reach and want to see more.

You may recognize some of these images from the past year. I reviewed my recent newborn sessions and put them together in this blog post of my ten favourites photographs. Enjoy. xo

White muslin blanket by Little Unicorn.