Blind Love


For Aisling and Wayne, the greatest loves in their lives are blind. They took the first steps towards those loves without seeing, without knowing, and just trusting. Aisling and Wayne met on a blind date. They grew and nurtured their love from that day forward. And now, they have a new blind love that they are nurturing and growing. They have not met her or held her. They have not laid their eyes on her beyond an ultrasound image but they are deeply in love with her.

Aisling asked that I share this glimpse into their journey to this moment, and I do so with great pleasure:

Wayne and I have been together for 10 years.

A blind date that was nurtured and flourished with our unwavering commitment to each other and a dream for a family of our own one day. Not every couple has 10 years together before they have children. I smile as I remember the time Wayne and I have shared developing our bond and making memories.

We worked hard and planned many aspects of our lives getting ready to build a family ensuring that we could provide the life that we wanted to for our future children. I am a nurse and work with the elderly and Wayne is an auto mechanic. Loving my job opens my eyes to what we all have in the last years of our lives- our memories and family. We often found ourselves daydreaming about our own family which always included children; who they would be, family vacations, who's eyes they would have. Always including our Finnegan (our 6 year old chocolate labradoodle) and what kind of furry big brother he would be.

Our fertility path was not one that was easily walked. After deciding that we were finally ready for a child it felt like it was taking a long time to happen. I began to worry that perhaps we waited too long to start trying. Wayne however never doubted that there was a bigger plan that we just weren't aware of.

When we first found out we were expecting we were full of gratitude and hope for the future. Every day I talk to this child repeating: "You are loved, you are wanted, we are ready."

I absolutely love being pregnant! Every change, every movement I cherish. This baby is a gift and Wayne and I are so excited to share this beautiful life with the world. Having a daughter is something special, Wayne's generous soul will no doubt be an enormous influence in whom she becomes. I hope to teach her to be kind, present and to seek out the light in others.

We look forward to experiencing this world through her eyes, seeing everything for the first time. From the sunshine and the stars to the sand and the trees. We want our daughter to know that we will be her family forever and that love is eternal.

My journey with our portrait session was so gentle, calming and reassuring. I was nervous but Karen had a quiet peaceful space where I could close my eyes and focus on this blessing of the baby girl that we are growing.

I am thankful for the timeless images. Nine months seems like a long time but it has gone by so quickly and as the time nears for our baby girl to come earthside I am grateful for these memories of this special time being pregnant with our first child. 

-Aisling Gordon

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