Squeeze. We squeeze our ways through life constantly. Squeezing in last minute appointments, squeezing through a closing elevator door, squeezing the ones you love. The squeeze of a hand is a silent "I love you" to the one who's hand is in yours. The squeeze of a shoulder tells the person, "I am right here by your side." The squeeze of an embrace brings instant comfort.

I was able to squeeze this beautiful family in for a last minute family session. Dad, Jason, requested having water in the images. Mom, Renee, left the vision up to me as long as the images reflected to love in her family. Without prompting, Renee hugged and held her children, Nate and Grace. Nate and Grace, despite being 12 and 10, happily received and returned each embrace, making it obvious that this is a family full of squeezes. Renee is at her most beautiful when she is embracing the ones she loves the most.

This family was a joy to photograph. There is so much love for one another, including their adorable pups. The connection between them was so natural, making my job a breeze. I am so thrilled with how their gallery turned out, and I hope to see them again in the future.