What Photography Teaches Us About Legacy

Have you ever held an old photograph in your hand and it transported you into a moment? Maybe you picked it up in a thrift shop and you don't even know the people, but you're drawn into this look in their eyes? Maybe you found it in your grandparent's attic and you are pulled into a memory or a still moment of imagining what their life was like? That's legacy.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of an image on social media and been wow-ed by its beauty? It is like time almost stops and you're drawn into this story that it is telling where you can feel emotion, inspiration and beauty all in one swoop. Have you ever had one of those moments? That's legacy.

Legacy is entirely about what we leave after us. That after we have lived this amazing life, what are we leaving behind us, what story are we telling and what gift are we giving. We see legacy in messages, in books, in businesses, in organizations, in things that were built and in art that was created.

We all leave legacy. And I think that is what photography teaches us, that we can all leave a legacy.

Because it is not about all the accolades, trophies and awards. It is about how present are you in a moment. It is about how much of your beauty have you shared and how much of your love have you given.

And that's what a photograph captures, that's what makes us feel something when we look at it.

What legacy are you leaving? What story are you telling? What photographs are you leaving behind?